ICESNOW 3Ton/Day Direct Cooling Block Ice Plant Fast Cooling For Fishery

ICESNOW 3Ton/Day Direct Cooling Block Ice Plant Fast Cooling For Fishery

3 Tons Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine ISN-ZK30 for fishery and human consumption

1.About Direct cooling block ice machine:

The direct cooling block ice machine is a block ice (ice brick) production equipment. The direct cooling ice machine evaporator adopts high-efficiency heat-conducting aluminum alloy material, which directly exchanges heat with the refrigerant, has low freezing temperature and fast ice making speed. Ice cubes melt slowly.

The direct cooling ice machine is highly automatic, automatic water supply, automatic ice making, automatic ice harvest, need no manual operation. The direct cooling ice machine does not need to use brine water. The ice mold does not need to be replaced after long time service. The equipment is safe and environmentally friendly, and the ice blocks are clean and hygienic, which can meet the food standard. Modular design, simple operation, small area occupation, easy installation, you can begin ice production as soon as connected to water and electricity.


Icesnow Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine Features

1. The entire ice making system is modular in design and easy to operate.

2. Efficient heat transfer: high-efficiency heat-conducting aluminum alloy material, unique evaporation aluminum plate design structure

3. High automation: automatic control of water, ice making and deicing of straight cold ice machine

4. Fast ice making speed: low freezing temperature, saving freezing time, quick freezing and freezing

5. The speed of deicing is fast, and the amount of ice loss is small.

6. Saving civil construction cost: the floor space is small, and the water can be connected to the water at the site.

7. The ice blocks are clean and hygienic: the water quality is up to standard and the ice blocks can be eaten.

Advantages Of Our Ice Block Machine

(1) It’s evaporated directly without chemical or salt water,which is sanitary to edible.

(2) Adopt PLC program centralized control, auto water supplying and auto ice dropping.No need to use lift to harvest the ice blocks, save man power.

(3) Large production with beautifu,sanitary and clean ice blocks ,which are good for human consumption.

(4) Easy operation, convenient transportation, and take up little space with low cost .

(5) The material of ice moulds are Aluminum plate, mainframe adopts stainless steel, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosive.

(6) Excellent combination and the first-class refrigerant components of the world with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and low noise.

Detailed Images

Name: Bizer
Brand: Germany brand
The compressor is the only engine of the refrigeration system, it’s just as the heart for human being, so the quality of compressor enfluence the refrigeration effect. Bitzer brand is good qulty one, and widely used all over the world.

PLC Program Controller
Brand: Germany brand
This PLC is just as the brain for a human being, it controls the electrical parts of the machine, to gulde all part when to work and stop, so the whole ice making and ice flling process are tally automatic. SIEMENS brand Is also wldely used over the word.

Touch Screen
Brand: Taiwan brand
This touch sreen can adjust some datas and ice thickness, all the working states and working histonies can be seen clearty on the screen, s0 when there is some eror of the machine, you can show the video and picture to the factony, problems can be judged quickdy.

Aluminum plate ice can
Name: Kingwell
Material: Icesnow
Function: for block ice freezing
The ice can is totally matched food-grade standard,
we can make dfferent sizes for your choice.

Testing In Our Factory-Customer Visit


Why Choose Icesnow Ice Machine:

1. Top quality and Best price you can never imagine.

2. Longer warranty period 24 months.

3. Speedy delivery on time.

4. Superior after-sales service guarantee.

5. More stringent quality assurance.

6. The most important, we have a specialized professional R & D department to develop better products, a rigorous quality controlling department to ensure quality, a hard working workers team to do their job seriously in the production line. We have obtained many patents such as “certificate of utility Model Patent” “The Intelligent ice making system” “The Remote monitoring Ice System” “The Delivery Ice System” and also our products achieved CE certification issued by SGS.

7. Choose us make you no regret and concern only surprise waiting for you.


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