ICESNOW 2Ton/Day Cube Ice Machine With Food Grade

ICESNOW 2Ton/Day Cube Ice Machine With Food Grade

  • Model Number:BY-20K
  • Power Supply:380V/50HZ/3P
  • Material:SUS304 Stainless Steel
  • Delivery Time:30 working days


Main Features

1. Ice cube is pure, hard, compact, crystal clear and slow melting.

2. Ice making cycle are regulated by PLC control system, easy to operate, save water and electricity.

3. Adopt high-quality stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integrated structure, compact and simple, save space.

4. Icesnow cube ice machines are made of the best parts, compressors, condensers, expansion valves, and evaporators are all to ensure that the output of the ice machine is stable, the quality is good, and the ice cubes are beautiful in appearance, clean and hygienic, pure and edible.


Product Decription:

1 .Whole processing is made by vertical lathe to ensure the precision up to 2 ounces;

2. Thermal insulation: foaming machine filling with imported polyurethane foam insulation. Better effect.

3. Be designed and produced with standard low-temperature pressure vessel manufacturing process, including surface treatment, heat treatment, gas-tight test, tensile & compression strength test, etc.

4. Ice blade: made of SUS304 material seamless steel tube and formed through only one time process. It’s durable.

5. Perfect in food cooling: Flake ice Is type of dry and crispy Ice, it hardly forms any shape edges. In food cooling process, this nature has made It the best material for cooling, it can reduce the possibility of damage to food to the lowest rate.


Product Specification:


Technical Data

Ice production


Refrigeration capacity


Evaporating temp.


Condensing Temp.


Ambient Temp.


Inlet water Temp.


Total Power


Compressor input Power


Ice making water pump power


Condensing fan Power


Standard Power


Inlet water pressure




Standard dimension of cube ice


Water Consumption


Feeding water tube size


Net weight


Dimension of cube ice machine



Product Advantage:

1. Large Capacity: different capacity from 1ton/day to 100tons/day. Its production is stable and can reach 90%-95% even in summer. When the ambient temp is lower than 20ºC, input water temp is lower than 25ºC, its production can reach 100%-130%.

2. Safe and Sanitary: Reasonable design for the frame and structure and water system with SUS304 ensure the ice cube sanitary for human consumption.
3. Lower Power Consumption: Greatly save energy, only 75~80KW*H are consumed to produce one-ton ice; when the ambient temp is lower than 23C, it just consumes 70-85 KWH/Ton, compared with other small ice cube maker (normally 150-165 KWH/Ton), its energy saving rate reaches more than 30%.
4. Labor Saving Design: Special ice outlet. Ice discharging automatically, No need taking ice by hand which can guarantee the ice clean and sanitary, meanwhile, it is matched with ice packing system to package the ice with plastic bags.

Ice Outlet: Pedal Switch Controlling, easier for ice cube packing without the hand touching the ice cubes
All Ice cubes can be separated into individual cubes with Icesnow screw design.


1. How can I choose the suitable one?

Dear customer, please tell us your detailed requirements by mail or online, we will recommend the suitable one as your request.

2. What should I do if some parts broken?
please do not worry, we have 24 months warranty except wear parts. You can also buy parts from us after 24 months.

3. Is will be broken during transport?
Dear customer, please do not worry, we do standard export package.

4. Could you send your engineer from China to install the machines?

Yes, we could send you enigneer from China to install your machine, you will be responsible for the accommodation and the installation cost.

5. How to ensure product quality and after-sales service?
We have CE, ISO quality certificate, and SGS authentication.


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