ICESNOW 20Tons/Day Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine For Fisher CE Certificate

ICESNOW 20Tons/Day Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine For Fisher CE Certificate

Icesnow Directly Evaporated Ice Block Machine are our latest technology, adopting aluminum plate to freeze ice block directly, without any chemical or salt, it is a plug and play machine and operated by PLC program control system.


About Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

The direct cooling block ice machine is a block ice (ice brick) production equipment. The direct cooling ice machine evaporator adopts high-efficiency heat-conducting aluminum alloy material, which directly exchanges heat with the refrigerant, has low freezing temperature and fast ice making speed. Ice cubes melt slowly.

The direct cooling ice machine is highly automatic, automatic water supply, automatic ice making, automatic ice harvest, need no manual operation. The direct cooling ice machine does not need to use brine water. The ice mold does not need to be replaced after long time service. The equipment is safe and environmentally friendly, and the ice blocks are clean and hygienic, which can meet the food standard. Modular design, simple operation, small area occupation, easy installation, you can begin ice production as soon as connected to water and electricity.

Icesnow Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine Features

1. The entire ice making system is modular in design and easy to operate.

2. Efficient heat transfer: high-efficiency heat-conducting aluminum alloy material, unique evaporation aluminum plate design structure

3. High automation: automatic control of water, ice making and deicing of straight cold ice machine

4. Fast ice making speed: low freezing temperature, saving freezing time, quick freezing and freezing

5. The speed of deicing is fast, and the amount of ice loss is small.

6. Saving civil construction cost: the floor space is small, and the water can be connected to the water at the site.

7. The ice blocks are clean and hygienic: the water quality is up to standard and the ice blocks can be eaten.

Icesnow Ice Block Machine Working Conditions:

1. All-in-one refrigeration systems.

2. Special design evaporator aluminum plates conform to food standards.

3. Clean and sanitary block ice is suitable for human consumption.

4. Also can be used for cooling, fish cooling, etc.

5. The refrigerant can be used globally, comply with national and international standards.

6. PLC controls and self-protects from breakdowns when water filling, ice making and harvesting.

7. Production capacity: 1tons to 1000tons with block ice weight of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg and 50kg)

8. Pneumatic crawler conveying system, maximum protection for the ice blocks during harvesting.

9. Bitzer compressor offers abundant compressing power and guaranteed producing ice in the shortest period with less energy consumption

10. Module design, the whole set consists of machine unit module, evaporator module, and cooling tower module; easy to ship and install.


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