ICESNOW 20T/Day Full Automatic Tube Ice Maker

ICESNOW 20T/Day Full Automatic Tube Ice Maker

1. Special ice making method to remove water impurity.The ice is hard and powderless

2. The tube ice ,in hollow tube shape, is transparent,sanitary and environment friendly.

3. Several dimensions for your option. Outer diameter:22,28,34,40mm and custom to your requirement.

4. Compared with flake ice,tube ice has longer melting time.

5. Suitable for storing and transporting ,and applicable for several fields.


Advantages Of Tube Ice Machine

Pure Ice Using Pre-PurifyTM water purification technology to filter the incoming water, the ice tube are crystal clear.
Perfect Design All the equipment adopts CAD-3D simulation assembly, which makes the arrangement of equipment parts and accessories and the direction of pipes more reasonable, compact structure and not crowded, and more humanized operation and maintenance.
Safety and Hygiene Evaporator materials are made of stainless steel 304 and other materials, reaching the international health standards.
Efficient Performance The evaporator adopts special processing technology, which makes the evaporator have better thermal conductivity.
Energy Saving And Water Saving Each compressor condensing unit is equipped with heat exchange of return pipe and liquid supply pipe, control of evaporation temperature and condensation temperature, superheat of return gas and oil return, so as to ensure stable operation of compressor unit under safe working conditions.
High Quality Accessories More than 80% of the refrigeration equipment accessories produced by Icesnow use well known brands at home and abroad. For example, Bitzer is used for the compressor. Hansen, Danfoss, Emerson and other world famous brands are used as refrigeration accessories.
Customized The refrigeration equipment produced by Icesnow can operate normally under the working conditions of -20~+50℃ and water inlet temperature of +0.5~+45℃. The company can not only provide all kinds of standard refrigeration equipment for you but also customized the refrigeration system under special working conditions according to the actual needs.
Stable and Reliable Perfect design, reduce the equipment internal unnecessary transmission parts, so that the equipment more simple and reliable. The unit is generally equipped with low water level, water flow, full ice, high pressure compressor, low pressure of compressor, oil pressure of compressor, et., so that the equipment can operate stably, reliably, and safely, and can operate continuously for more than 3000 hours without fault.
Standardization Most of the products have been standardized, so that the production quality and processing technology are more mature and the quality is more guaranteed.
Fully Automatic PLC computer module automatically controls ice making process at a glance.

Technical Data Of Tube Ice Machine

Name Technical Data Name Technical Data
Ice production 20ton/day Cooling mode water cooled
Refrigeration capacity 170KW Standard Power 3P-380V-50Hz
Evaporating temp. -15℃ Ice tube diameter Φ22mm/28mm/35mm
Condensing Temp. 40℃ Ice length 30 ~ 45MM
Total Power 36.75kw tube ice weight density 500~550kg/m3
Compressor Power 63KW Evaporator type Stainless steel seamless steel pipe
Ice cutter Power 2.2KW Ice tube material SUS304 stainless steel
Water pump Power 2.2KW Water tank material SUS304 stainless steel
Cooling tower power 2.25KW Ice cutting blade material SUS304 stainless steel
Water pump power of cooling tower 7.5KW Dimension of compressor unit 2300*2000*1800mm
Refrigerant gas R404A/R22 Dimension of tube ice evaporator 1600*1400*4600mm

Main Components

Item Name of Components Brand Name Original Country
1 Compressor BITZER/HANBELL Germany/Taiwan
2 Ice Maker Evaporator ICESNOW China
3 air cooled condenser ICESNOW
4 Refrigeration components DANFOSS/CASTAL Denmark/Italy
5 PLC Program control SIEMENS Germany
6 Electrical components LG (LS) South Korea
7 Touch screen WENIVIEW Taiwan

Tube ice machine-Bitzer compressor

To facilitate installation and shipment, Icesnow large capacity tube ice machine features modular design. The whole unit consists of 3 parts, compressor module, evaporator module and cooling tower module. Compressor module: Compressor, water condenser, reservoir, liquid receiver, oil separator, and electric control box are all installed on the steel frame.

Tube ice machine-Electronic components

(1) The tube ice machine adopts the integrated design, compact structure, easy installation and use;
(2) PLC man-machine interface computer module, ice making and ice automatically switches off, save time and effort;
(3) All equipment using CAD, 3D simulation assembly, arrangement of equipment parts and accessories, pipe to more
reasonable,compact structure and not crowded, operation, maintenance more human;
(4) According to different working condition of customized, non-standard tube ice machines can be made.

Tube ice machine-Water cooled condenser

(1) Tube ice machine, operates on an intermittent cycle, for example 18 minutes ice making and 3 minutes ice harvesting per cycle based on external diameter of 35mm specification ice tube;
(2) The internal diameter of tube ice can be adjusted according to ice making time;
(3) The tube ice machine evaporator employs SUS304 material and the heat exchange tube is designed at the most optimized thickness, combined with specialized heat treatment processing technology, which makes the best use of heat conductibility.

Icesnow Tube ice machine-Cooling tower

All small type water-cooled tube ice machines are designed as integral type. Water in the cooling tower is delivered by pump into condenser. The temperature goes high after it exchanges heat with refrigerant. Then the high temperature water is delivered back to the top of cooling tower for cooling. The cooled water recycled to the sunk below and be used again. In the process of heat dissipation, some water will be evaporated into the air. Hence, cooling tower needs constant water supply when ice machine is running. Cooling tower usually be placed at outside ventilation place. Some water and vapor will be ejected out around of the cooling tower. So please pay attention to its environment when install it.

Icesnow Tube ice machine-Evaporator

(1) The tube ice maker evaporator using high quality stainless steel 304 and other materials processing, meet international health standards;

(2) we can do the OEM and follow you requirements for the trade mark . If you need ,we can produce evaporative condenser according to your design or conditions .The customized packing for tube ice machine condenser is also at your service.


Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a factory.

Q2: Where is your factory located?
A:Our factory is located in Shenzhen city,China.

Q3: What is the raw material of your products?
A: As general, the raw material of steel is stainless steel 304# .

Q4: What is the term of payment?
A:As general, less than 5000 USD ,100%T/T in advance. More than 5000 USD ,30%T/T in advance, balance before shipment.

Q5: What is the delivery time?
A:It depends on the order quantity and racking types. If you purchase our standard machine,the delivery time is around 7days.

Q6: Which port will be used as loading port?
A:Shenzhen port or Nansha Port is recommended.

Q7: May I know the status of my order?
A:Yes.We will send you information and photos at different production stage of your order. You will get the latest information in time.

Q8: Can we put our own logo on the machine?
A:Yes,we can do OEM for you.

Q9: About the warranty?
A: One year for the whole unit. During warranty time, we offer parts for free(except consumption parts like rings and beaters).



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