ICESNOW 15 Tons Ice Block Maker Machine Commercial Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

ICESNOW 15 Tons Ice Block Maker Machine Commercial Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

Icesnow utilizes both direct refrigeration technology and brine refrigeration technology to meet your different requirements. The standard weight & size of block ice Icesnow produces are listed in the form below. Icesnow can also customize the size of the block ice to meet your needs and requirements.


The Icesnow Block ice machine series is our new concept of direct ice block system instead of traditional brine based system block ice machine, after investigating, studying and many years of fields trips around the world. We found that designing the new tech direct cooling block ice machine is quite popular among customers. From the discussion with clients, customer has a high requirement for block ice quality. However, this direct cooling type is able to produce edible block ice if water is clean enough. What’s more, it can shorten ice making time and ice harvesting time, save labor.

This innovative direct cooling way is called direct evaporated or direct cooling ice block machine. And it adopts aluminum freezing plates which completely conform to food standards. If the water supply is fresh water or clean, then the block ice can be eaten directly, and of course it can also be used for foodstuffs cooling, fish cooling, etc.

Product Details


Aluminum plate

For the block ice, the ice mould is aluminum and the cover is SUS304. Aluminum is good at heat exchange.That makes shorter freezing time.

Our standard ice size is 25kg/pc and 50kg/pc.  It just takes about 7 to 11hours to freeze the ice.

Without the salt water, the block ice is more sanitary, cleaner and edible.

Features Of The Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

1. Clean and food-grade block ice: this kind of block ice is totally sanitary for human consumption, it meets the food-grade standard.

2. Block ice can be changeable: 5-100kg per piece, you can choose what you like, we can also design according to customers’ special requirements.

3. Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion material: We use Aluminum plate to make ice cans, it is a good material anti-rust and anti-corrosive, the ice is clean and beautiful, meanwhile the lifespan can be longer.

4. Power consumption: about 75-85KW*H to make 1 ton ice, it depends on the ambient temperature.

5. Water consumption: about 1.1 tons water to make 1 ton ice.

Main Brands On ICESNOW Block Ice Machine


About Icesnow Factory

1. Established in 2003, Shenzhen Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is an integrated manufacturer, specialized in the research, design, manufacture and sale of flake ice machine, block ice machine, flake ice evaporator, tube ice machine, ice cube machine.

2. Icesnow has more than 80,000 square meters for the factory production space, more than 200 employees, including senior technical R & D team and professional sales team.

3. Icesnow brand products have popularly sold in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and South Pacific Islands. Icesnow has become a famous refrigeration enterprise in China, and a famous brand name with international recognition and reputation.

Why Choose Our Direct Cooling Ice Block Making Machine?

1. Deicing water

(1) Water deicing + water recycling, from deicing smoothly to time, saving deicing time and electricity costs

(2)  The deicing system of the refrigeration system adopts a single working condition design, and the system is stable, avoiding compressor damage, poor oil return of the unit, low pressure and other problems, making it more stable.

2. Evaporator processing technology

(1) Specially designed evaporator, side evaporator reinforcement ribs, the evaporator adopts screw + welding processing method to ensure that it will never be deformed

(2) The evaporator of the automatic ice block making machine adopts a serrated flow channel design to increase the heat exchange area and high ice making efficiency

3. Operation automation and convenience

Simple installation and easy operation. Fully automatic operation includes automatic water injection, automatic ice removal, automatic ice transportation, saving labor

4. Value-added services

(1) Intelligent cloud control of the Internet of Things, with a high degree of automation

(2) The professional team provides an automatic warehousing combination plan

After-Sales Service

Icesnow provide 2 years warranty for our machine. For after sales service, once out of work, you only need to send us pictures or video about the fault, we will mail you the solution to solve problems within 24 hours. If the parts is broken and proved by our engineer for non-personal reason, we will offer free parts to replace within guarantee period; if it is beyond guarantee period, we will charge market price for the new parts.


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