25 Ton Flake Ice Evaporator Scale Ice Machine For Slaughtering Processing

25 Ton Flake Ice Evaporator Scale Ice Machine For Slaughtering Processing

Product Specification

  •  Brand Name: ICESNOW
  •  Certification: CE
  •  Ice Shape : Flake Ice
  •  Capacity: 

Product Description

25 Ton Flake Ice Evaporator Scale Ice Machine For Slaughtering Processing Description
Ice Shape: Flake Ice Voltage: 380v/50hz/3p
Condition: New Material: Carbon Steel
Temperature Of Flake Ice: 5 8 Ice Thickness: 1.5mm-2.2mm
Water-feeding Pressure: 0.1Mpa¼0.6Mpa
High Light: 25 Ton Flake Ice Evaporator ,  Scale Flake Ice Evaporator ,  25 Ton Scale Ice Machine


Top Quality 25Ton/Day Flake Ice Evaporator Scale Ice Machine For Slaughtering Processing

Main Features:

1. Ice thickness: 1.8~2.2mm

2. The flake ice is glittering and translucent, hard and pure

3. The equipment can be used with stainless steel ice storage bins or polyurethane ice storage bins, and a wide range of accessories are available.

4. Every flake ice scraper processed in special designing without any jointing then in high solidity and can rotate well nearly 10 years.


1 . All stainless steel material:

stainless steel water tank, stainless steel for support base, stainless steel watch window, stainless steel ice cutter, stainless steel principle axis, stainless steel water distributing tray, stainless steel water connecting tray.2. Based on working conditions and level requirements for ice, we can completely accomplish our demands by adopting different metal.

3. All components selected is of top-quality and meet configuration need, which makes the evaporator hold less space, and achieve best performance.

4. Flake Ice: its thickness is about 1.8mm~2.2mm, which will can product the cooling food, fish, seafood and other products.




Name Technical Data
Ice production 25Ton/day
Refrigeration capacity 162.5KW
Evaporating temp. -20ƒ
Condensing Temp. 40ƒ
Ambient Temp. 35ƒ
Inlet water Temp. 20ƒ
Reducer motor Power 0.75KW
Water pump Power 0.37KW
Brine water Pump 0.012KW
Standard Power 380V/50Hz/3P,3P/220V/60Hz,380V/60Hz/3P
Inlet water pressure 0.1Mpa¼0.5Mpa
Refrigerant gas R404A/R507/R22
Flake ice Temp. -5ƒ
Feeding water tube size 1/2″
Net weight 2610kg
Dimension of flake ice evaporator 2470*1680*2422mm


Product Advantage:

1. Low failure and long working life: The system always runs well more than 30000hours.

2. Excellent welding skills

Our skilled workers are careful, industrious and warm hearted in the working process. They are dedicated to make the drum with strict technical requirement.

All the Icesnow ice equipment evaporator is strictly tested by the X-ray to guarantee its safety for leak problem with very strict quality control. With precision welding and surface treatment,make highly efficient heat conduction coefficient,high strength.Icesnow evaporators are durable that have a long lifespan.

3. Perfect stability: In normal condition remains good output and the special types run well in execrable conditions.

4. UNIQUE Strict Icesnow quality control system (ERP SYSTEM controlled)

5. Energy-efficient & high-sufficiency for ice production


1. Questions before quotation

A. Would you make ice from seawater, saltwater or freshwater?

B. Where and when would the machine be installed roughly?The ambient temperature and water inlet temperature?

C. Whats the power supply?

D. What is the application of the flake ice produced?

E. Which cooling mode would you prefer to? Water or air ,Evaporative cooling?


2. Installation & commissioning

A. Installed by customers according to the manuals, online instructions and live video conference of ICESNOW.

B. Installed by ICESNOW engineers.

a. ICESNOW would arrange 1~3 engineers based on the projects to the installation sites for the final supervision of all installations and commissioning.

b. Customers need to provide local accommodation and round-trip ticket for our engineers and pay for the commissions. US Dollars 100 per engineer per day.

c. Power, water, installation tools and spare parts need to be ready before ICESNOW engineers arrive.


Country: China 
Model No: GMS-250KA
FOB Price: 1 ~ 1 / ( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price
Place of Origin: China
Price for Minimum Order: 1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Detail: WOODEN PACKING
Delivery Time: 20 working days
Supplying Ability:
Payment Type: Other, Money Gram, Western Union, L/C, T/T
Product Group : Flake Ice Evporator With Freon System


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