10Ton Ice Flake Evaporator Machine With Ammonia System

10Ton Ice Flake Evaporator Machine With Ammonia System

Product Specification

  •  Brand Name: ICESNOW
  •  Certification: CE
  •  Ice Shape : Flake Ice
  •  Capacity: 

Product Description

10Ton Ice Flake Evaporator Machine With Ammonia System Description
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i) Introduction of Flake Ice


Flake ice is a kind of small, thin, chip ice, its dry, tasteless, sanitary. The thickness is around 1.5~2.2mm, the temperature is about -5°C, not easy to melt and block. Its the first choice for cooling seafood, fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs…etc. The flake ice evaporator can work with R22/R404A/R134A/R717, widely applied in ammonia refrigerant system, pre-cooling system, chemical plant, seafood processing plant, foods processing plant…etc.


ii) Features of Icesnow Flake Ice Evaporator


* The material of the ice evaporator could be carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316, it could be customized according to customers’ requirements. The constructure is spiral refrigerant channel. The manufacturing process fully comply to CE standard.

* The outer cover, ice scraper, water distributor, water tank were built with SUS304, clean, sanitary, fully meet with foods grade.

* Adopts top material, unique design, precision processing, could save 20% energy than others evaporators.

* The evaporator was processed by 25 production procedures, durable, reliable, the usage life could reach 15 years.


iii) Working Principle


Flake ice machine working principle is a circulating heat exchange process of the refrigerant gas in a closed loop.
Outside water source flows into the water tank, and then the water will be pumped into the water distribution plate of the flake ice evaporator / drum by the circulating water pump.
Water distribution plate will spray the water onto the inner wall of the flake ice evaporator/drum uniformly. Ice layer will be formed instantly on the wall under the action of the heat exchange between the water and refrigerant gas.
Driven by the reducer, the ice skate will break the ice layer slowly, the flake ice will drop into the ice storage equipment automatically.


iv) Deatails of the Flake Ice Evaporator

v) Parameter List


                                        TECHNICAL DATA
Model GMS-100KA
Daily Output( Ton/24hrs) 10tons
Necessary Refriger(kw) 68
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3P,380V/60HZ/3P,220V/60HZ/3P
Reducer motor Power(kw) 0.75KW
Water pump power 0.37KW
Dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 1990*1270*1816
Ice falling hole diameter (mm) 1160
Weight(kg) 1800

Advantages of our flake ice evaporator:

1.special design, high efficiency and energy saving

——In the course of evaporator design and development, the internal structure is paid with special attention so as to improve the heat conduction efficiency of the inner wall of evaporator and keep the loop unblocked with special technology.

——The internally-scraping ice-making mode has been adopted.Under this mode, ice blades scrape ice on the inner wall of the evaporator while the evaporator itself doesn’t move, it reduces the loss of energy as much as possible, guarantees the supply of cooling refrigerant as well as lowers the probability of cooling refrigerant leakage.

2. Special processing technology

——Special technology of processing material is adopted for the evaporator. We have specially researched and developed a set of technology of welding, surface treatment and stress elimination. Besides we have also adopted sophisticated equipment of welding, heat treatment and stress eliminating as well as photo-furnace. cutter adopts the operating mode of rotary rolling, and has the advantages such as low resistance, low energy consumption, no noise and no ice power and so on, compared with the stationary blade.

4.Since the evaporator is still and fixed, when the ice
cutter and main shaft runs synchronously, the ice cutter
automatically rotates with the friction of ice in evaporator,
crush ice into the outlet (spiritual ice cutter runs and the
evaporator is fixed), thus largely drop the power of reducer
motor, save running cost, prevent generating ice powder.

5. Use one-time shaping technique,the evaporator
is protected from the problems including the blocked
refrigerating system due to dirty caused by welding as
well as the reduced heat-exchanging efficiency caused
by the lowered conductivity coefficient , and so on, thus it
is high-efficiency and energy-saving, and makes the
operating cost reduced.

6. Water circulation system
(1).apply reasonable and reliable big spray water device,
prevent impurity in water jamming the spray nozzle which
may drop the ice output capacity of the machine.

(2).apply big taper water tray, improve the section of backwater slot, prevent leakage caused by spraying water or unsmooth backwater flow, effectively separate water from ice.

vi) Transportation & Shipment

The machine and accessories will be packaged in standard export wooden case for transportation and shipment. Icesnow company will help customers to make commodity inspection, customs declaration, insurance, transportation, shipment, and provide the necessary documents, like CO, C/I , B/L, packing list…etc.


vii) Installation & Training

All the working units of the machine are installed and fixed in a SUS304 frame, easy for on-site installation, customers just need to connect the power and water supply.

Icesnow company can provide on-site or online training on installation and daily maintenance according to customers requirements.


viii) Warranty & Service

All the Icesnow ice machines will be tested for 72 hours before shipment.

All the Icesnow ice machines enjoy 12 months warranty in free of charge ever since B/L date.

All the Icesnow ice machines enjoy lifelong free technical support.


*24*7 hours phone service

*On-site & online training service

*Engineers available service machinery overseas

*Icesnow service centre working time: 8:30-18:00, from Monday to Sunday.


Country: China 
Model No: GMS-100KA
FOB Price: 1 ~ 1 / ( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price
Place of Origin: China
Price for Minimum Order: 1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Detail: WOODEN PACKING
Delivery Time: have stock
Supplying Ability:
Payment Type:
Product Group : Flake Ice Evporator With Ammonia System


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