Tube ice machine


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Tube Ice Machine Manufacture

It’s an amazing device made for large, commercial organizations. With fully automatic operation, millions of ice pieces are provided to you. You can reuse your ice mold in the renewal process after 15 minutes. From the perspective of lodging and bar-related businesses.

With a capacity to produce 10.000 kg of tube ice, this machine is useful in numerous industries and meets the demands of large businesses. The ice type resembles a tiny pipe with a hole in it. Using it as a multidirectional glass is also incredibly convenient.

Best Tube Ice Machine Manufacture

Our ice plants range in weight from 1,000 to 12,000 pounds per day depending on the requirements. Since we are the greatest tube ice machine manufacturer, we test every one of our products in-house to ensure peak performance for at least 48 hours. They are among the most basic devices in the market and a mechanic’s dream come true.

These units are design to be maintain by the cube ice machine supplier. The ice is cut to the appropriate size with the aid of the heavy-duty nofollow. There are no belts or whistles on this electrical control it’s just a basic timer. Our factory-trained technicians are available to assist customers at all times.


What is the production capacity range of tube ice machines?
Tube ice machines come in a range of production capacities, from a few hundred kilograms to several tons per day, catering to various business needs.
Can tube ice machines be customized for specific ice sizes?
Yes, many manufacturers offer customizable options for ice size, allowing businesses to tailor their ice production to their unique requirements
How often does a tube ice machine require maintenance?
Routine maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance. Generally, it’s recommend to schedule maintenance every six months, but this can vary based on usage and machine type.
Are tube ice machines energy-efficient?
Yes, modern tube ice machines are design with energy efficiency in mind, using advance refrigeration technology to minimize energy consumption
What sets us apart as a manufacturer?
Guangdong Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a track record of delivering reliable ice production solutions, we prioritize meeting our customers’ diverse needs.