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    ICESNOW mainly produce different types of flake ice machines(100kg-100tons daily capacity) and cold rooms to meet your customization needs. We can offer OEM&ODM service for you .All of our machine offer 1 year warranty,experienced engineer team is ready to provide installation and after-sales service.

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    Wholesale flake ice machine

    Ice Maker Manufacturer

    Founded in 2003,Guangdong Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment Company,occupied more than 10000 square meters and 200 employees. Icesnow has Advanced production process,Modern management mode,Strict quality control system, including senior technical research and development teams and professional sales teams.

    Main Product

    Main Product

    Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine ,Seawater Flake Ice Machine,Flake Ice Evaporator, Tube Ice Machine,Cube Ice Machine,Low Temperature Water Chiller, Block Ice Machine,and Rake method automatic ice storage & screw ice delivery system.



    The ice machine is widely used in supermarket , sea food factory,slaughtering processing, food processing factory, aquatic preservation, fruit and vegetable preservation,chemical plant,concrete cooling,artificial ice and snow engineering and artificial ski resort etc.

    Evaporator Product Structure

    ICESNOW Flake Ice Evaporator

    The flake ice evaporator independently developed and designed by Icesnow has a number of exclusive patented and already get ISO9001、CE、RoHS certificates.The capacity of each ICESNOW flake ice evaporator is from100Kg -60T ,we can offer freon system and ammonia system.


    Reducer &motor

    We use Gongji brand (Taiwan),worry-free after-sales services


    Water System

    Principle axis is from Japan brand,the ice blade is easy to replace than before

    Flake ice machine

    Principle axis & Ice Blade

    The water tank ,water distribution ,and water return collection ,all use the best SUS304 stainless steel


    Flake Ice

    Flake ice made by Icesnow flake ice machine is dry and loose white and with a thickness of 1.8mm to 2.5mm.

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    ICESNOW is a turnkey project solution supplier of large industrial ice making plants, automatic edible ice making plants,concrete cooling system,and comprehensive cold storage projects.

    Reliable flake ice machine manufacturer

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